Earthmoving Services

Excavation, Trenching & Earthworks

South East Plumbing is also equipped to assist with your minor civil and earthworks projects. Trenching and excavation work can be provided as required, with various size machines that allow access to a variety of different sites.

Some of the various excavation and trenching jobs we can complete are;

  • Pipework or Cable and Conduit Trenching
  • Septic Tank and Effluent Trench Excavation
  • Soil and Debris Removal
  • House Sites Leveled and/or Cleared
  • Footings Excavation
  • Tight Access Machine to Residential Yards for Excavation/Trenching
  • Trenching Post Hole and Auger Drilling
  • Rock and Concrete Cutting, Breaking and Removal
  • Cable Avoidance and Pipe Location
  • Cartage and Green Waste Clean-Up